Greetings, I'm Fredrik, a creative mind hailing from the picturesque landscapes of  Sweden. My journey in the world of design has been fueled by a passion for graphic design, illustration, and web design.

While my formal education lies in media and communication, my focus has always been on hands-on experience and honing my craft. I've had the privilege of contributing my skills to advertising agencies in Kalmar, Oslo, and Stockholm, bringing forth innovative solutions and captivating visuals.

Beyond the world of pixels and vectors, I find joy in the rhythm of a golf swing and the swift motion of a badminton shuttle. Music is another facet of my creativity—I occasionally serenade my audience with guitar tunes, reminding everyone that I'm a hobbyist at heart 🙂

Thanks for peeking into my creative universe! I'm stoked about the chance to team up on projects that'll make a splash and leave a lasting mark.

Humble Grandmaster Of Graphical Greatness
Humble Grandmaster Of Graphical Greatness. Humble Grandmaster Of Graphical Greatness.
Selected Works